Please note: As of October 18, 2006 Private Annuity Trusts are no longer allowed by the IRS until further notice. All articles below which reference PATs were written prior to 10/18/2006 and are only applicable to trusts established prior to this date. The Installment Sale Through a Foundation is now a great alternative to the PAT.

  • Using a Private Annuity Trust to Sell a Business
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  • 1031 and TIC: How They Work Together to Provide a Hassle-Free Income Stream
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  • Private Annuity Trusts: Financing your Retirement
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  • Private Annuity Trusts Are Not Tax Shelters
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  • Common Questions About the PAT Income Stream
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  • Private Annuity Trust, Charitable Remainder Trust or 1031-TIC: Which is right for you?
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  • The Charitable Remainder Trust
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  • The Basics of the 1031 Exchange and Tenancy In Common
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  • Are TaxesRreally Inevitable? Maybe, but with Proper Planning they Can be Minimized!
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  • 5 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Highly Appreciated Assets And How to Avoid Them
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