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"I have dedicated my practice to helping people legally hang onto their capital gains when selling their highly appreciated assets.

This often means many of thousands of dollars continue to work for them instead of being handed over to the IRS in one large sum

Paula Straub is a Capital Gains Tax Saving Strategist, a former Investment Advisor Representative and current Independent Insurance Agent and Licensed Real Estate Salesperson based in Southern California. She works as a facilitator for clients who desire to minimize their capital gains tax obligation when selling highly appreciated assets. She is able to assist clients in all 50 states by working with experienced reputable National companies.

Paula is an Educator, Author, Professional Speaker, and has held professional positions with major corporations such as General Electric and General Dynamics, as well as being a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Paula hosted a weekly talk radio program called "Simply Wealth" broadcast at www.webtalkradio.net . Archived shows can be heard now at the link to the right.

Paula also educates veterans and their families who are over age 65 and need assisted living services whether at home, in an assisted living facility, adult day care or 24 hour care facility qualify for the Veterans Non-Service Related Improved Pension Benefit with Aid and Attendance Add On. For more information contact Paula.

Paula is a member of the Estate Planning Team which is the exclusive source for the Deferred Sales Trust™. Find out more information and get a personalized illustration at SaveGainsTaxDST.

Paula's unique tax strategies have already saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for her clients. You could be next!

(760) 917-0858 direct line M-F 8am-5pm Pacific time

savegainstax@gmail.com direct email




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Paula wants to answer as many questions as possible on the teleconference, or by personal email when possible. Take a minute and address your concern now.

What is the #1 question on your mind about deferring capital gains tax, 1031 exchanges, Deferred Sales Trusts™, Charitable Installment Bargain Sales, Structured Sales, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Tenants in Common, or your own investment/financial concerns?


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